The goal of Hamilton's Biology Department is to introduce a broad range of students to the life sciences, while providing a strong scientific grounding with practical, hands-on training for those who plan to pursue graduate study or a career in the health professions.

Perhaps nothing is as basic to human knowledge as the examination of life itself. The study of biology gives us a deeper understanding of ourselves and our world – the structure and function of plants and animals, the evolution and diversity of living organisms and the cellular processes of life. Biological concepts and processes also are central to many of the most crucial issues of our time, from AIDS to genetics, environmental damage and the threat of bioterrorism.

The biology program at Hamilton introduces a broad range of students to the life sciences. At the same time, the program offers a strong scientific grounding for students who plan to pursue graduate study or enter the health professions and related fields.

At all levels, biology at Hamilton aims to offer a stimulating, thought-provoking experience. Classes are small. Students and faculty work closely together. An emphasis on lab work and research means that courses provide practical, hands-on training, with many opportunities to learn outside the classroom.

Following introductory courses, the curriculum provides students with a full range of more specialized courses: genetics, plant sciences, anatomy, invertebrate biology, microbiology, development, neuroscience, cell biology, biochemistry, physiology, endocrinology, ecology, evolution and others. All senior biology majors then pursue active research with one or more faculty members during the Senior Program.

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