The goal of Hamilton's Art Department is to raise students to a level of self-sufficiency, independent critical thinking and proficiency in the creation and discussion of works of art in order that they might sustain a lively, generative and relevant practice outside of the College environment.

A society's artists may be its historians, its philosophers, its priests and confessors, its outlaws or its visionaries. Art may document the artist's world, it may imagine the past or future, or it may express an inner landscape that cannot otherwise be shared. At Hamilton, student and faculty artists explore this rich dynamic by both creating and critiquing works of visual art. Majors explore the significance and meaning art holds in their own lives, and they examine the ways in which works of art express and communicate ideas to others.

As an art concentrator, students are part of an environment that offers a world of ideas to challenge them intellectually and inform their work. Students benefit from an exciting, rigorous, interdisciplinary art-making department that includes an active visiting artist series, multiple full faculty critiques and multidisciplinary studio environment. Hamilton's art program is concerned with the creation of visual incidents, and the dialogue surrounding the communication and placement of a visual object or experience in both a contemporary and historical context.

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