Courses and Requirements

The goal of Hamilton's Foreign Languages Program is to offer students opportunities to develop proficiency in multiple languages — a skill that will serve them well in a wide range of endeavors.

A concentration in foreign languages requires the completion of ten courses, at least five at the 200-level and above in each of the languages; it also requires a senior project/thesis in one of the languages of study. Study abroad in both languages is recommended. All concentrators in foreign languages are also required to take a language proficiency test in the two languages during senior year. Foreign language majors fulfill the Social and Structural Institutional Hierarchy requirement by following the rules of one of the languages involved in their major (see home page of language department). Students should have an advisor in each of the languages. Each department involved in the major has specific requirements with which students must comply. See below:

Two 200-level
One 300 level
One 400 level
If Chinese is chosen for the thesis, a research paper written with Chinese and English material will be required and defended in Chinese.

Classics (Latin or Greek)
Two 300-level courses in either Latin or Greek
Senior project will be determined in consultation with the department.
Two 200-level
One 300- or 400-level
One 400-level during senior year
If French is chosen for the thesis, a research paper written and defended in French will be required.
Hispanic studies
Two 200-level
One 300-level
One 400-level during senior year
If Hispanic Studies is chosen for the thesis, a research paper written and defended in Spanish will be required

4 courses in Japanese at the 200 level or above
1 course in translation at the 200 level or above
If Japanese is chosen for the thesis, a research paper written and defended in Japanese will be required.

Students are advised to begin, or continue, their study of a foreign language early in their college career.
The College administers study abroad programs in China, France and Spain. In addition, Hamilton is a member of the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome and the American School of Classical Studies in Athens. (For further information, see "Academic Programs and Services.")

Instruction in the following languages is offered at Hamilton:

Part of the foreign language major:
Chinese (see East Asian Languages and Literatures)
French (see French)
Greek (see Classics)
Japanese (see East Asian Languages and Literatures)
Latin (see Classics)
Spanish (see Hispanic Studies)

Not part of the foreign language major
Arabic (intermediate level, see Critical Languages)
Italian (intermediate level, see Critical Languages)
German (see German and Russian Studies)
Russian (see German and Russian Studies)
Other languages (see Critical Languages)

(from the Hamilton Course Catalogue)

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