The East Asian Languages and Literatures Department offers courses in the Chinese and Japanese languages, literatures and cultures, a Chinese concentration, a Chinese minor, a Japanese minor and a study abroad program, Associated Colleges in China (ACC). Courses offered focus on language acquisition and introduction to the cultures and civilizations of both countries. As much as possible, the first-year courses are taught in the target languages, while the upper-level courses are conducted entirely in Chinese or Japanese. The Chinese concentration emphasizes work in the original language as key to understanding China and China-related issues aiming at and preparing students for further studies in graduate schools and professional careers in international trade, government service, diplomacy, private business, journalism and other related fields.

A concentration in Chinese consists of nine courses numbered 140 or higher, including 150, 220, a 400-level course, which should be taken before the senior year (an ACC 400 level course counts), and a course at or above the 430 level taken in each semester of the senior year, and the required senior project (550). A course concentrating on China's civilization or cultural offered by another department may satisfy the 150 requirement. Consult the Chinese Program. A minor in Chinese requires five courses numbered 140 or higher, including 150, 220 and a 400-level course.

(from the Hamilton Course Catalogue)