Courses and Requirements

The goal of Hamilton's Chemical Physics Program is to encourage students to make connections across the chemistry and physics disciplines through extensive research opportunities and close collaboration between students and instructors.

The departments of Chemistry and Physics jointly offer a concentration in chemical physics. The concentration consists of 10 courses in chemistry and physics, which include Chemistry 120 or 125, 190, 321 and 322; Physics 190, 195, 290 and 295. Students must also complete a course in research methods in one of the departments, either Chemistry 371 or Physics 390, followed by a Senior Project, chosen in consultation with the committee, in the appropriate department. To complete the college’s Social, Structural, and Institutional Hierarchies requirement, students may fulfill either the Chemistry or Physics Department’s criteria. Mathematics 113 and 116 are required for 200-level classes in physics and 300-level classes in chemistry. Honors in chemical physics is based on outstanding work in courses and in the Senior Project.

(from the Hamilton Course Catalogue)

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Chemical Physics Program

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