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Evaluate your satisfaction with the content of your writing conference: Was the tutor thorough enough for you? Was the tutor critical enough? Too critical?  Did you understand the tutor's comments? Were your questions answered? Were you able to understand and apply the tutor's comments later on?

The tutor was great! She was critical while being constructive and offered alternative solutions. She was clear and understanding. Her comments helped look at my paper in a new perspective and edit it.

This was an AMAZING writing conference. She was extremely helpful. She was critical but not destructive. She showed great attention to detail and offered suggestions relating to content and style. With her help I made some great revisions to my paper.

She did a really good job explaining her comments. She did not stay on any topic for too long and kept the conversation moving. She also did a great job focusing on the areas I asked her to (i.e. organization, punctuation). She made it easy for me to make the corrections once I got back to my room.

I had a relatively short conference (due to my lack of preparation) but it really helped me to organize my ideas. I definitely used his commentary to structure my paper later on.

He nit-picked through the grammatical/syntax weaknesses of the paper while still reading it holistically and providing suggestions on how to clarify my argument through structural revisions and thesis polishing. My questions were all addressed in a clear, friendly manner.

I was surprised, actually, by how helpful the meeting was. Admittedly, it was required for my class, and you can imagine (maybe not) how students can develop bitter feelings about things they have little choice about. Despite my negative attitude, I left with a definite feeling of satisfaction that my paper was helped for the better. The tutor was critical enough, but encouraging enough so that I didn't feel doomed when I left. I have yet to make the necessary corrections, but I'm sure they will help out a lot!

Very thorough--great comments and suggestions. The tutor was very understanding, and I was able to apply comments to the final draft.

She was also very kind when I became self-deprecating. I liked her style of writing her critiques on a separate sheet of paper, which was helpful when I was editing my paper later on. I didn't have to keep flipping pages to see comments.

The tutor was extremely thorough. She was very helpful in answering my questions and was very good at helping me deal with the issues that I asked her to be critical about.

I understood all of the tutor's comments, and he answered all of my questions. He helped me with everything from grammar to how to write a good conclusion.

He was extremely thorough and provided very detailed breakdown of my paper. He used the entire hour. My questions were answered, and his comments were thorough enough that I retained the information later.

She was very thorough, as she always is. She is just critical enough so that I have things to work on, but not too critical that I feel overwhelmed. I can always understand her comments, and she answers all of my questions.

She was really helpful, especially considering my own level of preparedness. She was thorough enough, critical without being harsh, and I was able to use her comments to work on making my paper better. All of my questions were answered.

I was very satisfied with the content of my writing conference. The tutor was very thorough, helpful, and critically constructive. All of my questions were answered, and when I went to rewrite the paper, I was able to understand and apply the tutor's comments.

The tutor did an excellent job. His comments were respectful and helpful.

Yes, he was very thorough and talked with me to help me decide how to reword things and how to be clearer. He was definitely critical enough, not too critical, and helped me identify problem spots. Yes, I understood his comments and he answered all my questions. Even when I edited my paper a few days later I remembered all of his comments and was able to effectively reword my paper.

Evaluate your satisfaction with the process of the writing conference: Was the tutor approachable? Did you feel comfortable in the conference? Were you involved in the discussion? Did you feel the tutor listened to you?

She was friendly and warm and engaging. She listened and seemed genuinely concerned with helping me.

She was critical without being pushy. She offered suggestions but left it up to me to decide. I knew that she knew what she was talking about and that made me very comfortable and confident with my revisions.

She was very open and kind. Her attitude made me feel that I could ask her anything and she would comply. She did well maintaining my focus and asking me questions about my paper for clarification.

I felt very comfortable in the conference. He really listened to my ideas and tried to work with them. We were both involved in the discussion.
He was very friendly, but at the same time very professional.

In spite of the boring topic of conversation (my paper), I was actually kept engaged the entire time.

I enjoy going to the writing center and having someone read over my papers. It's always better to get someone else's perspective. She and I had a very good discussion about the paper, and she was very friendly.

I felt very comfortable in my conference. She was excellent about asking for my goals of the session and then helping me to achieve them. I also felt like she listened to me to understand why I did things, so then she could help me correct them in the most appropriate way.

I was very satisfied with the writing conference. She was very approachable and involved me, asking questions and going over rules.

I felt very comfortable. She put me at ease; she smiled, laughed, and told jokes. She put me in a comfortable mood before she became critical of my paper.

The tutor asked me for my input a lot. He would point out the places where he thought I should change what I had written, and then he would ask me for ways that I could improve it.

She is very approachable– that's why I always make a conference with her! I feel very comfortable with her during the conferences and I am able to get involved. She listens to me, and I listen to her – it's a very productive relationship. We bounce ideas off of one another. I never feel intimidated or embarrassed. She is a great tutor!

The tutor was very approachable and made comments that were sensitive to the needs of the paper. He was willing to listen to my ideas and help me gain clarity on paper. He did a great job.

He was very approachable, and despite having a cold he really helped me with my paperand talked through everything. It was a comfortable environment. He read over mypaper, and then we discussed all of his comments and improvements to make. When Igave a suggestion, he listened to what I had to say and reflected back, which is veryhelpful.

Other comments, suggestions?

Keep up the good work.

Writing conferences are fantastic. Thank you.

I was very pleased with how my writing center appointment turned out. He went the extra mile and met with me for additional time because we were unable to finish discussing my paper. He was an effective writing tutor and a great guy.

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