Student Comments S'05

I really enjoy working with this tutor because she always reads the draft before the conference and gives helpful feedback in an encouraging way. She also thinks seriously about the topic and takes an interest.

My tutor has a good eye for what's repetitive and unnecessary.

She had insightful comments and constructive criticism. She pointed out some mistakes I had been making continuously in the paper. She also helped in clarifying the wording of some sentences.

My tutor was especially helpful since she remembered past problems in my papers.

She was very helpful in developing my thesis by asking specific questions that would prompt me to think more in depth. Also, she was very helpful in the organization of my paper to ensure that my ideas flowed smoothly.

She was clear and concise. I understood all her suggestions. She improved my conclusion, which helped me tremendously! Thanks!

This is my second or possibly third meeting with her, and she has been very helpful. She corrects not only my grammatical mistakes but also makes suggestions on how to improve my argument.

She very helpful with providing ideas about connecting my thesis throughout the paper.

She gave a lot of attention to detail and was very willing to work with my preferences for how I wanted the paper to be.

He was friendly and helpful without being pushy.

She helped me with my thesis and helped develop the rest of my paper even though I had not written it yet.

She was very particular and picked out small mistakes, which was exactly what I wanted.

She was helpful in clarifying my thinking about how to link the two sections of my paper.

He answered my questions that I posed at the beginning as well as gave helpful suggestions. He didn't waste time with things I didn't need to hear.

He was very helpful and encouraging. He explained things clearly and had a positive attitude. Every time I come to the writing center, I request him because of all my great experiences.

She gave me some great pointers, and trust me, a lot were needed. She kept the atmosphere relaxed and had a sense of humor, which helped me, because I normally get stressed at writing center appointments.

She did a great job! She was very insightful and prepared. She listened to my ideas and worked at developing a focus.

She helped me to understand where I needed more analysis. She also helped me fix citations and write in consistent tenses.

She helped me remove repetition and refine my thesis. She also allowed me to babble about the book while I worked on my argument.

She was pleasant to talk to and not only proofread my paper but helped me develop new ideas to make my thesis stronger.

Other Comments from Students

"We had a great discussion. I drew some clearer connections between my points and the poem; I developed some new points and reorganized my old ones. I am extremely pleased with what we accomplished."

"My tutor pointed out parts of my essay that were unclear and forced me to rethink out loud what I had been trying to say."

"When I looked at this school during my college rounds, the Writing Center was one of my biggest attractions to Hamilton. It showed me that there was a devotion to quality writing. The tutors not only showed me what was expected in a paper, but how to lay the foundation for a paper. I had never really analyzed my writing before."

"It was a relaxed environment where I felt comfortable discussing my thoughts."

"I went with specific areas that I needed to improve on, and the tutor helped a great deal. She spent a lot of time with me, working through my problem areas."

"My tutor was great. He pointed out problems and watched me solve them for myself. I learned a lot!"

"The tutor´s comments were similar to my professor´s except that my tutor made me figure out how to correct them. The conference gave me a second chance on my paper without my teacher seeing its initial flaws."

Because of how helpful the conference was, I will always go to the Writing Center for help."

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