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Question: Were you satisfied with your writing conference?

Yes, Each time I bring a paper to the Writing Center, I not only receive help on the current paper, I learn new things to use in future papers.

I was satisfied with my writing conference because the tutor was able to give me useful feedbacks despite the fact that my paper (one section from my thesis) was very technical. He helped me with many minor problems, which was something I needed help the most.

I was very satisfied with the conference. He read through my paper and gave me a lot of suggestions about rewording or adding more evidence for this paragraph, moving paragraphs around to help flow, and strengthening transitions. I think it made my paper a lot better; he was very understanding and explained the reasons for trying things when I didn't understand what was wrong.

Yes, he did a really great job of making suggestions and explained why really well. I could see clearly what I need to do.

Yes, very much so. I feel like I have a much better idea about how I want to organize my paper now….one of the better writing conferences I have had!

Yes, I came with an outline supplemented by quotes. She helped me relate the quotes to the thesis.

Yes, I am always satisfied with the conferences I have. She is a wonderful writer herself and can give constructive criticism in a personable manner. She creates a relaxed environment yet always manages to get everything completed in a timely fashion.

She was very helpful in helping me plan my paper and simplify my rhetoric and sentence structure.

Very helpful. She helped strengthen my argument, while improving the clarity of my paper. After revising, I felt much more confident with the paper. She did a great job.

I was very satisfied. She is very helpful, and friendly as well as smart. She understood the points I was trying to make and caught a lot of things I missed to generally tighten my paper. She is a great tutor. She was also on time and read my paper before I got there, which is a big plus.

Yes, She really gets me to think through my ideas. This helps my overall organization of my argument and makes it stronger since she asks questions that I can answer in my revision.

Yes, she was very helpful. She helped me consolidate my paper into one strong argument and provide continuous references to the thesis.

Yes, we had a lot to talk about and he helped me discover lots of answers form the text to support my essay. We worked together well and his energy was high. He pointed me in the right direction, and we completely change the direction of my paper (in a good way).

I was very satisfied with my tutor for all of her help, not only in simplifying and correcting my paper, but also with suggesting additions to strengthen my arguments.

My writing conference was extremely helpful. When I came in I had no idea if my argument made sense or if my points were valid, but by the time I left I had a good idea of what was missing and how to fix it.

Yes, she helped me with pulling my paper together and make sure everything was coherent. It gave me confidence that my paper wasn't garbage.

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