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She addressed my concerns. Even though she hadn't read the book, I thought she was very insightful. She asked me to clarify points and listened to me. I didn't feel like she was just tearing up my paper; instead, I felt as though we were constructing a better draft... together! She was great; and I will definitely go back to her again!!

The tutor did an excellent job of addressing the language and organization of my paper. She first outlined her main issues, then I defended my point, and we usually came to a good compromise. It was a very active process.

I thought the tutor was very thorough and addressed the main issues I had with my paper. He provided some fair criticisms of my writing, and I understood his suggestions.

He was very helpful and gave suggestions on how to improve my draft. He listened to my concerns and went through them one by one to help resolve them. I felt comfortable discussing my draft with him.

He did an amazing job during our conference. My ideas were much more organized, and I felt much more prepared to complete my essay. He gave me his ideas, and he listened to mine. He helped me make my arguments stronger. I felt actively involved in the discussion and completely comfortable discussing my paper with him.

This was my second time going to the writing centre for help in my three semesters at Hamilton. I go there for extra-credit, but this time I had a difficult time condensing my ideas into a concise outline. The tutor was extremely helpful and I now feel confident in writing the paper.

I was thoroughly impressed by my tutor. He made the conference a comfortable and productive experience. He listened to my concerns and goals and primarily focused the appointment on these issues. I really appreciated how he guided me to find solutions to my problems rather than give his own opinion. His approach was effective and encouraging. I left the conference with a fresh perspective of my essay.

The tutor helped me with my paper so much - she pointed out all of the unnecessary fluff present in my paper and helped me develop clearer ways of stating my arguments. She was nothing but super helpful.

My tutor did exactly what I asked of her. She was very critical and her notes were very insightful. She clearly explained her concerns about my paper and made sensible changes that helped improve my draft. I made suggestions and explained some important points, and she listened well.
My tutor was very effective in pointing out the grammatical and structural issues I had in my paper. He helped me out with strengthening my thesis statement. He helped me make my paper more clear.

He was a great Writing Center tutor. I have gone many times and have had many tutors. I feel like he was very intelligent and thus able to offer very helpful feedback. He was helpful not only in a grammatical sense, but he really forced me to question the clarity of my paper and what it was that I was trying to get across.

This was a pre-writing conference. I needed help with setting up a general outline for my essay and my tutor helped me with that. She listened to me well and gave me great ideas about how to go about organizing my essay.

Yes she addressed my concerns one by one. She was thorough (and this applies to all of my conferences thus far) and went through my paper page by page. She was critical but didn't make me feel stupid. The comments were clear and she listened to my concerns. She made me feel really comfortable discussing my writing in a critical but constructive manner. It was definitely a two-way discussion.

The tutor was great: she addressed her concerns as well as mine, and allowed me to resolve my issues on my own without directly pointing them out. She listened to my input and made me feel very comfortable -- like we were having a conversation rather than her tutoring me.

He addressed all my concerns very thoroughly; had really good concrete ideas and suggestions for my paper; and clearly knew what he was doing. I felt comfortable talking about my writing with him, and I felt actively involved in the discussion. He was a really good writing tutor.

My tutor was very helpful. He corrected all the grammar and style mistakes of my paper and taught me about the difference between using semi-colons and commas. He listened to my explanations of the concepts of the paper and helped me to write/phrase those explanations better. It was my first writing conference, and I thought it went well.

I really liked the way my tutor went through my entire paper with me, critically commenting thoroughly on every piece of it. Her comments were very clear; I really liked how she helped me come up with clear concise word structure to add specificity to my paper. I felt very comfortable talking with my tutor, and she definitely did a great job listening to me. I did feel actively involved in the discussion. Overall, it was a very positive experience.

My tutor presented her criticism in a respectful way, and she did a good job of guiding me towards the correct revisions. She helped me determine the ultimate goal of my paper; and she did a great job of helping me to organize it. I felt comfortable; I did not feel pressured towards making any changes.

The tutor made an effort to work with me as we went through my (very convoluted) paper. She took the time to make sure she understood what I was getting at so she could make suggestions. Overall she was thorough, critical, clear; and communicative.

This was by far the most helpful Writing Center appointment I've ever had. She had already read my paper before I had gotten there. She gave me great advice on how to improve my draft, and I left my conference feeling that my paper was going to be better as a result of the meeting. She was thorough and her advice was helpful.

The Writing Center is really helpful. The tutors not only help me revise my writing but ask me how I think I could improve it. It's really helpful just to get another set of eyes and another opinion. I think going has helped me self-critique my work better on my own as well.

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