Asian Studies Program: Collaborative Research Grants

Each spring, the Asian Studies program invites proposals for student-faculty collaborative research grants.

The application comprises three parts:

1. A 1000-word proposal (about three pages) submitted by the student that (a) describes the aims of the project; (b) outlines a plan of research: what and where the research will be conducted and the nature of the sources used; and (c) explains how the project builds upon prior academic work and how it will help the student's future plan of study.

If the project is related to the faculty advisor's ongoing research, the proposal should explain how work conducted under the grant contributes to the student's intellectual development. All Hamilton students are eligible to apply. Proposals need only state the relevance of the student's prior course work on Asia to the project and how it will contribute to her or his plan of study.

2. an itemized budget of anticipated expenses, including airfare and approximate living expenses if appropriate.

3. A letter of support by the faculty advisor that evaluates the project and the student's qualification to conduct the proposed research. The letter should also describe the nature of the advisor's involvement in the project, its connection, if any, with her or his ongoing research, and the amount of funding requested.

Grantees submit a final report upon completion of the project. They also present the results of their collaborative projects to the community in the fall semester.

Students interested in applying for a grant should discuss their plans with a member of the Asian Studies Committee.