Committee on Academic Policy (CAP)

The Committee on Academic Policy (CAP) reviews educational policies and course and concentration requirements. The committee also advises the Dean of Faculty on allocation of faculty.

course catalogue changes

Please consult the guidelines for submission procedure and special courses prior to submitting course changes. Once you submit your changes the request is queued for a CAP subcommittee to review. Once this is initiated you may be contacted for more information (such as the syllabus) or the course will go to Diane for entry into the Registrar's database. Please allow time for the approval process. Once the course is approved the catalogue is changed during the nightly update.

Submit a course or masthead change

Understanding Our Curriculum

The Mellon Project for the Assessment of Liberal Arts has commissioned a study, "Hamilton College Open Curriculum Assessment" by Brian Cody, U. of Chicago, which compares our open curriculum with those of several other institutions.

Task Force on Advising

The Task Force on Advising issued its report that included four recommendations focusing primarily on pre-major advising:
Appendices to the report address:

  • Appendix A Course Breadth Data
  • Appendix B Student Assembly Suggestions on Advising
  • Appendix C Historical Advising 2008
  • Appendix D Sophomore Advising Survey

The Task Force on Advising refers to the Teagle Foundation "White Paper" on "The Open Curriculum: An Alternative Tradition in Liberal Education"

To expand on Appendix A, above, the CAP has data on how many students have met or fallen short of the Phi Beta Kappa course breadth requirements. These graphs are:

Task Force Reports

Three task forces submitted reports at the beginning of February, 2007 (pdf):

(For the appendices of the FYS Report, please contact the Chair, Bonnie Krueger. )

Contact Information

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315-859-4356 rhopkins@hamilton.edu
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